VELO Mint Slim

VELO Mint Slim

This product is the same as LYFT Mint Slim. LYFT has now switched to VELO.

VELO/LYFT Mint Slim is a regular concentration nicotine sachet flavored with spearmint and menthol. The taste of this product is perfectly rounded. Spearmint provides a satisfying sweetness that is not overpowering, and menthol brings freshness and intensity. The nicotine content is about 6 mg/sachet, making this product ideal for intermediate users and users looking to get off the strong level.

Looking for a product that is easy to laminate? Then you are right here! Soft, thin and lightweight at 0.7 grams, the pouches allow a discreet and comfortable fit under the lip so you can use them anytime, anywhere. They also do not stain teeth or cause bad breath because VELO is a 100% tobacco-free brand. With optimal salt, pH, and moisture levels, nicotine and flavor release is rapid and begins immediately after use. So you can count on this product for quick satisfaction when you need it most.

VELO is one of the most popular tobacco-free brands on the market and number 1 in Scandinavia, home of the nicotine pouch. How come? Because the flavors, formats and nicotine delivery are second to none! During a transition period from LYFT to VELO, it is possible to obtain both models.

Content Statement Water, bulking agents (E460), flavor enhancer (salt solution), flavorings, nicotine, xylitol, thickener (E401), acidity regulators (E500), ammonia salt, sweetener (E950).

Velo Mint Strong Slim is tailored for those who want something discreet and refreshing. The thin, tobacco-free nicotine sachets have a medium but stimulating nicotine content (6 mg/portion) and offer a fresh burst of cool mint topped with sweet hints of spearmint.

If you are a fan of Lyft, you will love this new and improved version. These thin nicotine pouches fit comfortably under the lip and offer a lasting release of fresh mint and nicotine. Get yours by ordering it online right here at!

Advantages with VELO nicotine pouches: Buy Nicotine VELO cheap! VELO Mint Italy!

  1. Refreshing Taste: Many customers report that the refreshing taste of Velo Freeze is one of the biggest benefits of the product. They report that it gives a refreshing mouthfeel and is especially pleasant on hot days. velo freeze snus
  2. Variety of Flavors: Another oft-mentioned benefit is Velos variety of flavors. Customers report liking the different flavors, such as spearmint, peppermint, and wintergreen, which allows them to diversify. velo freeze snus
  3. Discreet use: some customers report that Velo Freeze is discreet to use as it does not leave unpleasant odors and does not stain teeth and fingers. velo freeze snus
  4. Convenience: Many customers report that Velo Freeze is very convenient to use as it is portion-packed and can be taken anytime, anywhere without requiring any preparation or cleaning. velo freeze snus
  5. Lower Risks Than Cigarettes: Some customers report using Velo Freeze because they feel it has lower risks than smoking. However, it is important to note that Nicotine is still a tobacco product and carries the risk of health problems. velo freeze snus
Weight 40 g


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