Pablo Exclusive 50mg Frosted Mint 12gr

Pablo Exclusive 50mg Frosted Mint 12gr

Bring out the arctic explorer in you with this amazing blend of PABLO EXCLUSIVE FROSTED MINT.

The amount of nicotine in one serving is 30 mg. This product delivers an ice mint flavor with every pouch and is completely tobacco-free!

12 grams – 20 bags with a size of 0.6 grams.

Ingredients: Water, cellulose, acidity regulator, humectant, natural flavor, nicotine, preservative. Nicotine content: 50mg/g Net weight: 12g Flavor: mint Manufacturer: N.G.P Tobacco ApS Country of origin: Denmark

A very strong nicotine pouch with 50 mg/g of nicotine. Nicotine Pablo is a new revolutionary alternative to traditional snuff products, suitable for those who love a hit of nicotine but want to avoid the harmful effects of smoking.

PABLO Exclusive Frosted Mint – an extremely strong Nicotine with an impressive 50 mg/g of nicotine. It has the taste of fresh mint.

Contains 20 tobacco-free snuffs. This product was developed with the aim of offering a safe and healthy alternative to traditional Nicotine, without sacrificing the distinctive taste and feel of the nicotine hit.

Pablo Nicotine does not contain tobacco leaves, but a specially developed nicotine solution that is produced on a plant basis. This means that it does not contain any harmful chemical additives otherwise often found in snuff products.

The Pablo Nicopods are very easy to use, just place the sachet between the gums and the upper lip and the active ingredient will begin to spread. There’s no intention of biting or sucking on the pouch, it all happens automatically. The product comes in a convenient jar that is easy to use and carry.

Nicotine is placed under the lip and then slowly releases nicotine to give a pleasant and relaxing sensation. It is also much more discreet than traditional snuff products as it does not produce smoky smoke or leave an unpleasant smell.

The Nicotine Pablo comes in a variety of flavors including mint, lemon and peppermint. Every flavor is designed this way. It offers a distinctive and refreshing experience that flatters the taste buds while delivering that nicotine hit you’ve been looking for.

Benefits with Pablo Exclusive Frosted Mint 50 mg

One of the great benefits of Pablo Nicotine snuff is that it is much healthier than traditional snuff products. As it does not contain tobacco leaves, there are no harmful chemicals that could otherwise be inhaled through smoke. This means you can enjoy the benefits of nicotine without compromising your health.

Overall, Nicotine Pablo is an innovative and healthy alternative to traditional snuff products. It delivers the same nicotine hit you’re looking for without the harmful effects of smoking on your health.

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