LYFT Cucumber Mint Slim Strong


LYFT Cucumber Mint Slim Strong

The all-white portion LYFT Cucumber Mint Strong are all-white nicotine pouches that taste like fruit with hints of cucumber and mint. The cigarette has a nicotine concentration of 4/4, which is the highest concentration level.

LYFT Cucumber Mint Slim Strong

LYFT Cucumber Mint Slim Strong

Each box contains 23 servings of LYFT Cucumber Mint Strong, and you can store the used pills in the lid. LYFT Snus’s all-white nicotine pouches contain no tobacco. The portions consist of plant fiber, flavorings, and nicotine. The format is slim, meaning the pouch is narrower than a normal portion. Prills have a dry surface while the inside is moist.

Nicotine Strength in LYFT Cucumber Mint Strong

LYFT Cucumber Mint Strong are extra strong nicotine pouches with 14.3 milligrams per gram, which is a strong concentration of nicotine. The product has a gradual release of both nicotine and flavor.

LYFT – an all-white snus

The manufacturer BAT sells its products all over the world, and LYFT is one of them. LYFT brand’s Cucumber Mint Strong nicotine pouch has extra strong nicotine strength.

Weight 40 g


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