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Lundgrens Rimfrost Extra Strong Slim


Lundgrens’ Rimfrost is now available in a new variant: Lundgrens Rimfrost Strong. It has the same mint and eucalyptus flavor as before, and the nicotine packets are still All White.

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Lundgrens Rimfrost Extra Strong Slim

Lundgren’s Rimfrost Strong All White
Manufacturer BAT has now produced Lundgren’s Rimfrost Strong with a taste of garden mint and eucalyptus. Nicotine pouches have a normal size with high nicotine content while being completely white. Rimfrost is also available in several versions.

Taste: mint
Nicotine content: 15.6 mg/g
Brand: Lundgrens
Number of servings: 21
Nicotine strength in Lundgren’s Rimfrost Strong
This is an All White portion with plant fiber and added nicotine. The pouches contain 15.6 mg/g. Rimfrost is available with different nicotine levels.

About Lundgren
Lundgrens is a premium brand in snus and nicotine pouches and has alternatives such as Rimfrost with 3/4 nicotine strength compared to other nicotine pouches. In addition, they have both weaker and stronger variants.

Weight 40 g


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