Lundgrens Fjällskog Slim


Lundgrens Fjällskog Slim are tobacco-free portions of nicotine. Flavored with notes of mountain berries.

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Lundgrens Fjällskog Slim

The product contains tobacco-free white nicotine pouches flavored with notes of berries. The bags are in the original size and fit those who think slim sizes are too small. The package contains 21 packets of nicotine.

Brand: Lundgrens
Flavor: berries
Format: Normal
Product type: all white
Nicotine content: 8 mg/g
Manufacturer: BAT
Nicotine strength in Lundgren’s Fjällskog.

Lundgrens Fjällskog All White portion bags are made from plant fibers with added nicotine. They have a nicotine strength of 8 milligrams of nicotine per gram, which is a normal strength in the brand’s range.

The Lundgrens Brand

Lundgrens is an established brand for nicotine pouches. Lundgren’s Fjällskog has a nicotine strength of 2/4 compared to other Lundgren products and is the average strength in their range. Lundgren’s Fjällskog is produced by tobacco manufacturer BAT.

Weight 40 g


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