Lundgrens Dunge Strong


Lundgrens Dunge Strong All White by undgren is a tobacco-free white nicotine pouch that has a strong nicotine content with a berry flavor. Portions are available in normal size format.

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Lundgrens Dunge Strong All White

Lundgren’s Dunge is part of Lundgren’s new All White range. The white portions of tobacco-free nicotine have a berry flavor.

The portions are normal size and have a strong nicotine content of 10 mg nicotine per gram.

Facts about the product
Lundgrens brand
Product Type White Snus
Strong nicotine strength
Nicotine content 10 mg/g
Berry flavor
Contents/package 16.8 g
Number of servings/packs 21
Normal Format
BAT manufacturer

Weight 40 g


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