Loop Licorice Fusion Strong


The flavor is salty licorice and raspberry in a more intense version.

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Loop Licorice Fusion Strong
LOOP Licorice Fusion Strong offers the distinctive flavor of licorice blended with raspberries – a combination famous in Sweden, as salty licorice pairs perfectly with sweet raspberries, taking the nicotine sachet experience to another level. The combination is perfectly balanced, both for the taste and for the intense nicotine content that will give you an extraordinary sensation!
A thin sachet is comfortable and fits perfectly on the upper lip! It offers the exciting tastes and nicotine directly thanks to the wet format. An all-white nicotine sachet will not stain your teeth as it contains no tobacco! The nicotine content of 15mg/g is strong and suitable for the experienced user.
The first impression of LOOP is the elegant can design: The can has an interesting outer material and is very modern. It comes in several unique flavors and nicotine strengths that all have one thing in common – high quality!

Weight 40 g


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