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Loop Habanero Mint Hyper Strong


Loop Habanero Mint Hyper Strong- Unique and very popular.

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LOOP Nicotine Pouches – Great flavor, perfect fit! LOOP is a brand of smokeless tobacco recently launched by AnotherNicotine Factory. LOOP has become very popular in a short time. Delicious flavors, perfectly adapted nicotine pouches, a unique design that combines the essentials in LOOP. Well, except one more thing. This is a damn good brand of nicotine bags! LOOP is available in mint, jalapeno, lucridis and spritz flavours. What are LOOP bags made of? LOOP is made of vegetable fibers, added flavors and extracted nicotine. The can of LOOP is unique. The packaging of LOOP is made up of more than 50% vegetable fibers combined with recycled plastic. LOOP bags are truly ecological. LOOP – the millennials choice of Nickick! Available in 15 mg/g and 20 mg/g nicotine. And well, there’s a really strong one too, with 25 mg/g nicotine!

Weight 40 g


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