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ACE Extreme Cool


Ace Extreme Cool All White Portion is in a strong nicotine portion with a combination of peppermint and menthol flavors.

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ACE Extreme Cool

ACE Extreme Cool All White Portion is a white snus portion from snus manufacturer Ministry Of Snus in Denmark. Extreme Cool has 16 mg/g nicotine and each box contains 20 pills.

Brand: Ace Superwhite
Taste: peppermint and menthol
Format: Slim
Nicotine content: 16 mg/g
Manufacturer: Ministry of Snus
Ace is a completely white portion of snus that contains a lot of nicotine but no tobacco.

Facts about the product
Ace Brand Superwhite
Product Type White Snus
Strong nicotine strength
Nicotine content 16 mg/g
Mint flavor
Contents/package 13 g
Number of servings/package 20
Thin Format
Ministry of Snus manufacturer

Weight 40 g


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